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73. Why Do We Eat Too Much?

Frequently, diets don’t work because they are related to the main cause of obesity.

In many cases, obesity has nothing to do with food, it is a manifestation of our emotional malnutrition.

Feeling more connected and understood can be the real diet we need to do, as explained in this video of The School Of Life.

74. Repeat to Really Learn

The old systems may have exceeded the use of repetition, but the modern system of education may have forgotten its role.

In a world of constant distractions pulling our attention, we may need repetition as a tool to learn new attitudes.

“Our education system is based on the idea that we can learn things once, and that they’ll then stay in our minds throughout our lives. That’s far too optimistic. Our brains are like sieves. If anything is going to remain in them, we need regular reminders of what really matters. “ The School Of Life

75. Spread Kindness to Feel Happier

If you need a selfish reason to be kind, here it is: showing kindness will make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Reuben Wachs explains the many benefits of helping people in a very interesting way.

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