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Zen Break 13

46. Empathy, Why and How

You live in a different reality from the person next to you.

The only way we can try to share the same reality is to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

Empathy is a tool to share the same reality. Learn how to use it.

47. Plum Village Choir

Be Calmer — Listening to Plum Village Choir medium.com

Sometimes we find sounds or melodies that seem to have the power to stop our endless stream of thoughts.

I find it curious how this effect does not seem to be dependent on our ability or knowledge to understand what we are hearing. On the other hand, perhaps this is the explanation, the motive by which we obtain this effect.

Perhaps it is exactly because we do not understand what we are hearing. This lack of knowledge seems to prevent our brain from immediately trying to catalog and interpret what we hear, freeing our attention to focus on something deeper or more intuitive.

This is precisely what I feel when I listen to the Namo Avalokiteshvara interpretation by the Plum Village choir. For those who don’t know them, Plum Village is a Buddhist community of mindfulness practice founded by Thich Nhat Hanh.

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Be Calmer — Listening to Plum Village Choir medium.com

48. NonViolent Communication

True communication is not about convincing people, it’s about creating a connection with us and with others.

In the book “NonViolent Communication” Marshal Rosenberg express his belief that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and empathy.

There are ways we can learn (and practice) to recognize the needs of others and to use that knowledge to communicate effectively with the people surrounding us.

49. The Mother Who Saved Her Own Child’s Murderer

Is there a limit to what we can forgive?

If you think so, after hearing this extraordinary story told by Jack Kornfield, you may have to recognize that the power of human compassion is infinite…

“Forgiveness is, in particular, the capacity to let go, to release the suffering, the sorrows, the burdens of the pains and betrayals of the past, and instead to choose the mystery of love.”

You can also read this extraordinary story on DailyGood.org

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