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Zen Breaks 12

42. “AMA”

Art seems to have the power to stop our fast-paced thinking.

When we see something original and creative, it’s harder to get dragged into the habit of quickly finding adjectives to classify and categorize it.

It’s easier to enjoy the moment.

This movie, “AMA” has that calming effect on me, maybe it will have the same effect on you. Enjoy it.

43. A Best Friend, Not a Problem Solver

Zen Breaks 11

38. Power to You

A simple definition of mindfulness:

“Mindfulness is the ability to know what’s happening in your head at any given moment without getting carried away by it.”

Seems too simple to be important? Check the video for some real examples.

39. “True Self” (Zen Stories)

Zen Breaks nº 10

34. “5 Chairs, 5 Choices”

This presentation allow us to:

  • understand the behaviors we have and that we don’t notice.
  • realize that we have choices, we can react differently to the same situation.
  • realize that we can change our behaviors, we can change and improve.

A remarkable presentation of Louise Evans that will impact you. Get ready for something very special.

35. An Unusual Lesson on Friendship and Kindness

Zen Breaks Nº 9

31. Are You Poor or Rich?

Maybe you think you know how rich you are but don’t remember all the riches you have.

Perhaps the most valuable things are not those that you immediately remember…

32. “It’s Not a Problem, It’s an Experience”

Zen Breaks Nº 8

27. Look Carefully

If we slow down when we look at things, we will be able to see much more good in our lives.

28. Confusion or Preparation?

Zen Breaks Nº 7

23. “Melhor de Mim”

A song that usually cheers me up in less pleasant moments, that sends me a sign of hope and optimism.

This is a suggestion to cheer you up whenever you need a little help, and is also an excellent reason to take one short break.

This beautiful Portuguese song that can be used not only to listen but also to try to notice the effect it has on us, what it makes us feel in our body and in our mind.

Main message:

Sei que o melhor de mim está para chegar

Sei que o…

Zen Breaks Nº 6

19. I Have a “Bad Temper”. Really?


A Zen student came to Bankei and complained: “Master, I have an ungovernable temper. How can I cure it?”

“You have something very strange,” replied Bankei. “Let me see what you have.”

“Just now I cannot show it to you,” replied the other.

“When can you show it to me?” asked Bankei.

“It arises unexpectedly,” replied the student.

“Then,” concluded Bankei, “it must not be your own true nature. If it were, you could show it to me at any time. When you were born you did not have it, and your parents did not give it to…

Zen Breaks Nº 5

15. “Sounds of Silence” (ZEN STORIES)

“Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks. By nightfall on the first day, the candle began to flicker and then went out.

The first monk said, “Oh, no! The candle is out.”

The second monk said, “Aren’t we not suppose to talk?”

The third monk said, “Why must you two break the silence?”

The fourth monk laughed and said, “Ha! I’m the only one who didn’t speak.”

Source: John Suler’s Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors

Each of us likes to find and defend unique justifications for his opinions and actions.

However, if we look closely…

Bonus tip: your boss will want you to take minibreaks

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

I have been learning about using microbreaks and also practicing in the last few months. I really think they are an important tool to reduce stress that we can all benefit from so I decided to share what I have learned so far.

What are “microbreaks”?

The expression microbreak is used to designate any short break (30 seconds to two-minute break) taken frequently throughout the working day.

Taking breaks during the day can have significant impacts not only on your personal mental and physical health but also on your productivity at work.

Several studies indicate that microbreaks can improve your mood, health, and…

The next step depends on us

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

“The way we end something shapes the way the next thing begins. “ — Frank Ostaseski

At the end of last week, I got this quote in my email, by chance.

I wondered if it would have happened by chance …

The past week has been emotionally intense and fulfilling for me. As it was also the end of a cycle in my life, it seemed almost on purpose to receive this quote, almost as if someone was aligning the events.

I found this phrase very interesting. Perhaps a little exaggerated: I believe that the way we end something will…

Zen Michael

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